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Fund Raising
Let your creative juices flow by helping us come up with fun and effective fund raising campaigns.  The fund raising committee is dedicated to developing and facilitating fund raising ideas and events. 
The newsletter committee is dedicated to finding and publishing information that is interesting,  funny, useful, informative and promotes the Blairstown Dog Park.
Public Relations
We are always seeking volunteers to help spread the news about the park.  We need help creating awareness about the park, developing creative ways to advertise and  obtain sponsorships.
The good old fashioned Bake or Craft Sale are good ways to raise funds.  If you love to bake or enjoy making crafts, create your specialties for our sales.
Website/Social Media
We want our website to continuously inform visitors about the progress and activities of the dog park.  Use your computer skills to help us update our website, (it's not that hard - really) and help us maintain social media.  
For more information or to join a committee, please contact us at
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